I am an NB Employee and need access to Digibase

step 1

Please visit the link below for the latest info on recommended browsers to make sure your browser is up-to-date:


step 2

Next, click the link below and complete the form:


step 3

Use your New Balance network username (format: nbas\username) password to log into Digibase at the link below.


Important note regarding step 3:The Digibase Team will need to use the information you provide in the access request form from step 2 to set up proper permissions. You will not see any assets upon your first log in.

step 4

Once you have logged into the site, please email digibase@newbalance.com to alert them you have done so. This step expedites the process so you can see assets sooner. Once you email digibasehelp@newbalance.com to alert the Digigbase Admin you have logged into the dite, you should have access within 48 business hours. We cannot complete your access request for Digibase until steps 2-4 are complete.

Improve download speed with Aspera

Click the link below to download the Aspera plug-in to significantly speed up your Digibase asset download time.


How do I get access for non-New Balance Employees?

Use the link below to request access for non-New Balance associates. Only internal NB associates can request access for external users. Please click the link below and fill out the form.


What if I need assets uploaded to Digibase?

Use the link below to log onto Marketing Central to fill out the asset upload form. Please email Emily.Skipp@newbalance.com if you have trouble accessing the Marketing Central form. Thank you.